Xtra Clean Gloves | Disposable cleanroom gloves

Xtra Clean Gloves | Disposable cleanroom gloves

Copolymer Xtraclean Gloves
Length 12", (300mm)
Packaging: 100pcs double packed, 10 packs / carton
UOM: Packs of 100 pieces
Price: Ex VAT

A new blend of PVC resins, which combines high cleanliness (extremely low particle emissions and low metal ion content) with exceptional physical properties. High sensitivity, enhanced tensile strength and elongation giving greater operator comfort.
Superior Cleanliness: class 10 - 100.
Exceptionally low metal ion content.
Antistatic: Surface leakage resistance of 2.1X 10 to the power of 11 ohm.
Ideal for employees with known allergies to latex proteins.
Co-polymer glove fits as a second skin giving extraordinary touch sensitivity.
Hyper-allergenic material, no latex compounds.
High tensile strength, 305mm long bearded cuff.
Tensile Strength: 8 mpa
Elongation: 350%


• Ambidextrous
• Packed in a certified Class 10 cleanroom
• Double-bagged in cleanroom compatible packaging.
• All labels used are of cleanroom compatible laminated PVC.
• The gloves are manufactured in ISO 9002 certified facilities with full in house laboratory that is capable of performing particle count, ionic content, TNVR, silicone oil/amide/DOP detection, bioburden, physical testing and electrical properties.
• Each lot is tested, certified and documented.
• Traceability numbers are printed on all packaging.
• Packaging: 100 gloves, vacuum sealed in a cleanroom LDPE inner bag.


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