Tacky Rollers - Refill

Tacky Rollers - Refill

Sticky Roller

Type A Rollers for cleanrooms

Resilient non-woven sticky rollers available in 3 sizes
    • Multi Layed
    • Gently removes dust particles
    • Specially treated polyethlene perforated sheets that easily tear off
    • Lint free
    • Metal and plastic part emit no unwanted particles
    • Plastic inner core ensures cleanliness
    • Ideal for cleaning to reach areas - (with long handled attachment)
    320mm x 25meter rolls: Ideal for cleaning wall, floors and ceilings
    160mm x 20meter rolls: Suitable for floors, walls and small hard to reach areas.
    80mm x 10 meter rolls: Perfect for very small areas such as printed circuit boards etc.


    Refill - Adhesive Roller order code Category      Size Length
    A80-1 Desk-top cleaning 80mm 10 metres
    A-160-1 Desk / Floor / Wall cleaning 160mm 20 metres
    A-320-1 Floor / Wall cleaning 320mm 25 metres

    Please note: For Type AE & Type P - please contact Lynbond 2000 for more details.

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