Tacky Roller Kits

Tacky Roller Kits

Type A (for clean rooms)

Resilient non-woven tape gently and surely removes dust and dirt without a stir.
Lint free: Specially treated perforated sheets do not generate any lint.
Adhesive tape roll is easily replaced.
Metal and plastic part emit no unwanted particles.
Plastic inner core ensures cleanliness.
320mm rolls are ideal for cleaning wall, floors, ceilings and hard to reach areas.
160mm are suitable for floors and walls and smaller but hard to reach areas. The 80mm are perfect for very  small areas such as printed circuit boards etc.
Roller - Complete Kit Refill - Adhesive tape Category                         
Order Code   Order Code Size Length
A80-KIT   A80-1 Desk-top cleaning 80mm 10 metres
A-160S-KIT A-160 Desk-top cleaning 160mm 20 metres
A-160-KIT A-160 Floor cleaning 160mm 20 metres
A-320-KIT A-320-1 Floor cleaning 320mm 25 metres

The tacky Roller Kits contain the following;

1 x handle plus 1 tacky roller - after which replacement rollers can be purchased and easily replaced. 

Kits are available in 3 sizes, 80mm, 160mm & 320mm. (The 160mm roller has two handle sizes available - desktop (A-160S) and the longer handle (A-160).

Please note: For Type AE & Type P cannot be purchased online - please contact Lynbond 2000 for more details

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