High absorbency wipers | Paper Rolls for contamination control

P68 40 x 20cm (Roll)

High absorbent wiper 

The price shown is for the P68-RB100-PL1 wiper.

Ordering Code: P68-RB100-PL1

Size: 40 x 20mm

Packaged: Roll

Colour: Turquoise or White

Price: From £28.00 per roll - (orders of 56 rolls apply)


Overview of the P68 wipers

  • A cost effective, all purpose, low lint wiper with excellent strength and absorbency
  • Excellent wiping performance, cleans up dirt, grease and oil
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of solvents and cleaning agents, contains no binders so won’t break up
  • Manufactured from wood pulp/polyester spun-lace non-woven
  • A cleaner more usable alternative to rags

The P68 range of tough durable non-woven wipers are suitable for wipe up and cleaning in a wide range of industrial applications including aerospace, utility industries, manufacturing, maintenance, transport and printing.

Stronger then paper wipes, avoid the potential risks and wastage of contaminated rags with the consistency and performance of P68 wipers every time.

Various Sizes

  • If you require a size from the chart below please allow up to one weeks delivery time.
  • If you require a unique size please contact Lynbond 2000 by email or phone to discuss your requirements

Code Size (mm) Format Colour Wipers/Pack Pack/Pallet
P68-PL1 400 x 200mm ¼ fold wipers Turquoise 8 x 50 56
P68-38B 380 x 280mm ¼ fold wipers Turquoise 400 56
P68-38W 380 x 280mm ¼ fold wipers White 400 56
P68-BXB 350 x 280mm Mobile-box Turquoise    150 90
P68-BXW 350 x 280mm Mobile-box White 150 90
P68-RB100-PL1 400 x 200mm Cored roll Turquoise 400 100
P68-RB100-PL1 400 x 200mm Cored roll White 400 100
P68-RB400 380 x 280 Cored roll Turquoise 400 100
P68-RW400 380 x 280mm Cored roll White 400 100
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