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Dri-U-Kwik multi-purpose microfibre cloth

Dri - U - Kwik multi-purpose microfibre cloth

For a multi-purpose microfibre this has to be the most softest and heavy weight multi-purpose cloth available. Perfect for cleaning, buffing windows, mirrors and chrome. You can even use it for polishing and waxing. It is 380gsm in weight with high absorbency microfibre yarn absorbing more water (up-to 7 times their own weight) and faster than standard microfibre cloths. The cloth is able to lift and trap dirt and moisture leaving a clean, dry and polished surface.
Dri - U - kwik microfibres are so effective that they require no cleaning solutions to get the job done and very little to no water. Their superior quality microfibres can be washed and re-used many times.

Designed for car enthusiast for the detailer, however they are perfect for the house keeper, contract cleaners, and motor boat enthusiasts, in fact perfect for any surface requiring a clean shiny finish.

Available sizes

40 x 40 cm

60 x 60 cm

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