Coverall (25 coveralls per carton)

Coverall (25 coveralls per carton)

Reduced price (£62.50 per carton)

The MicroMAX® NS Cool Suit offers users the optimum combination of superior protection and high comfort for Type 5 & 6 applications The critical protective parts of the garment – the front, the hood, the legs and arms, are constructed of MicroMAX® NS fabric – excellent dust and liquid repellency, whilst the back panel uses blue Safegard® materials for breathability. This the user gets the best of both worlds. In addition seams are bound with blue CPE for added strength and protection.

Microporous PE film laminate coverall with breathable blue safeguard back panel
Bound seams
Coverall with 3 piece hood, inset sleeves, 2 piece diamond crotch gusset, elasticated hood, waist, cuffs and ankles.

EN Standards

EN 13034: 2005 - Type 6 / EN13982: 2004 - Type 5


Key Features Applications & Industries Additonal Notes

Composite coverall to maximise protection
whilst offering high comfort
Soft and flexible fabric
Bound seams for added security
Lakeland “Super-B” style pattern – ergonomically styled
and sized for generous fit and superior freedom of movement.

Provides protection to the full body against airbone solid particulates and offers limited protection against a light spray of liquid chemicals. Such as paint- spray applications
Low-level insecticide / pesticide spraying, wet applications in manufacturing, boat building,
pharmaceutical manufacturing and general maintenance and cleaning applications including - scene of crime operations and low hazard emergency response applications

MicroMAX® Cool Suits use two different types of fabrics
to optimise protection AND comfort. The panel of Safegard
materials on the back of the garment has a lower protection
level than the rest of the garment. For this reason users
should ensure there application will not result in a heavy
contamination to the back of the suit. This especially
applies to Cool Suit Advance and Advance Plus
which offer Type 4 protection.

Packaging:  Individually vaccum packed
Carton quantity:  25

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 Current European 'Types' of Chemical Protection Clothing

EN  'Types'

Definition Symbol
EN 943-1 & 2 'Type 1'

Gas Tight Chemical Protective Clothing

Protection against liquid and gaseous chemicals, aerosols and solid particulates

EN 943-1 'Type 2' Non-Gas Tight Chemical Protective Suits which retain a positive internal pressure to prevent ingress of dusts, liquids or vapours.
EN 14605 'Type 3'

Suits which can protect against strong and directional jets of liquid chemical such as sprays from a burst pipe under pressure.

EN 14605 'Type 4'

Spray tight suits. Suits which can protect against saturation of liquid chemical, where volume of the liquid builds up on the suit forming pools, resulting in rivulets.


EN ISO 13982-1 'Type 5'

Dry Particulate Protection suits provide protection to the full body against airborne dry solid particulates such as hazardous dusts and any dry particles.


EN 13034 'Type 6'

Reduced Spray Suits

Suit which offer limited protection against a light spray of liquid chemicals


Additional Standards achieved by the Micromax NS Coolsuit

 EN 1073-1** Ventilation protection clothing against radioactive particulates contamination
EN 1073-2** Protection clothing against radioactive particulates contamination
EN 1149-5 Protective Clothing with electrostatic properties***
Please note that a detailed assessment of the nature of the hazard and the working environment should be undertaken prior to the selection of appropriate PPE. Lynbond 2000 provides the information in this product, but responsibility for the correct choice of PPE remains with the user. 

 ** Gives no protection against ionising radiation

*** Always ensure the garment and wearer are properly grounded

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