Flat Head Mops

Flat Mops

  • Designed for maintaining specific levels of cleanliness in critical controlled environments
  • Superb absorbency, low linting and strong chemical resistance for critical cleaning environments
  • Laundered and prepared in class 10 cleanroom standards
  • Cleanroom class: 10 - 10,000
  • Electrostatic dissipative frame

Applications: Cleaning Walls, ceilings & windows in cleanroom and for industries such as the Semi-conductor industry, TFT LCD industry, Pharmaceutical, wafer fabrication lines, Biotechnology manufacturing industries, Optical fibres industries and Hospitals & Veterinary

Product Code Description Size Material Weight
DM-WCC Complete Mop System - - -
DM-WH35 Flat Frame 10 x 40 cm PP -
DM-SH150 Handle Min.85cm / Max. 150cm Stainless Steel  500g
DM-F40L-L Microfibre Mop Head 11.5 x 40.5 cm Micro / Polyester -
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