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Fingercots - Latex

Latex fingercots

Sold in bags of 10 gross, £22.99 per bag

Sizes available: S,M,L & XL 

Pack size: 10gross (1440 cots approx)

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These Antistatic Powderfree finger cots are specially designed and produced for ESD-sensitive applications, where regular washed fingercots are unacceptable. Pink antistatic finger cost are made of natural latex. Antistatic properties are consistently maintained. Washed under a controlled process to remove particles and reactive ions such as Na+, K+, Ca2, Mg2, Nz2, C1, SO42. Surface resistivity: 109 - 1011 Ohm /cm2, suitable for handling of class II, Category B (>100V) E.S.D. Suggested for Class II (2000 -3999 volt) static sensitive devices. Powder free surfaces minimises particulate contamination. Ultra-low levels of extractable and residual ions prevent product failure. Packing done in clean environment.


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