Dri-U-Kwik | The Dri-U-Kwik waxing / de-waxing cloth

Dri-U-Kwik waxing / de-waxing microfibre cloth

Dri - U - Kwik waxing / de-waxing microfibre cloth

Especially designed for high levels of waxing and de-waxing
The Dri-U-Kwik waxing cloths are designed with two sides, similar to the mult-purpose cloth, except thicker, heavier and with a deeper weave than the multi-purpose cloth, the durable soft pile is extremely good for waxing and removing of wax.

Their superior quality microfibres can be washed and re-used many times.

Originally designed for the car enthusiast in the detailing world, however they are perfect for the housekeeping, contract cleaners, and motor boat enthusiasts, in fact perfect for any surface requiring a super plush finish.

Available sizes / Retail Price

40 x 40cm - £3.49 includcing VAT

60 x 60cm - £7.99 including VAT

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