Dri-U-Kwik glass waffle cloth | Glass microfibre cloth

Dri-U-Kwik glass / chrome cloth

Dri - U - Kwik glass & chrome microfibre cloth

The microfibre cloth resembles the traditional suede cloth but now with the added benefits of it being washed and re-used as brand new.  Also improved durability compared to a traditional suede cloth, therefore you can keep this handy little cloth for many years to come. The microfibre cloth is a seamless serrated edge cloth which does not scratch and is perfect for surfaces requiring a streak-free finish, such as chrome, silver, glass, just about anywhere where delicate buffing is needed.

Dri-u-kwik microfibres are so effective that they require no cleaning solutions to get the job done and very little to no water. Their superior quality microfibres can be washed and re-used many times.

Originally designed for the car enthusiast in the detailing world, however they are perfect for the housekeeping, contract cleaners, and motor boat enthusiasts, in fact perfect for any surface requiring a clean streak free finish.

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Dri U Kwik care policy

Wash at 40°c

Do not tumble dry


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