Dri-U-Kwik | The Dri-U-Kwik drying cloth

Dri-U-Kwik drying microfibre towels

Dri - U - Kwik drying microfibre cloth

Especially designed for the ultimate absorbtion
The Dri-U-Kwik high absorbency microfibre will absorb up-to 7 times its own weight, in addition the unique technology of the honey comb filter increases the absorbency of all other microfibres, leaving a superior streak free finish to the most precious of surfaces. Water, dirt & grime is absorbed, trapped between the multi-layers of honey comb filter and into the weave making this the best absorbing microfibre towel ever.

Upgrade today This is our second edition drying towel and was introduced in June 2014, this is now softer than ever before, if you were delighted with the first edition you will be amazed with the new version.

Dri - U - kwik microfibres are so effective that they require no cleaning solutions to get the job done and very little to no water. Their superior quality microfibres can be washed and re-used many times.

Originally designed for the car enthusiast in the detailing world, however they are perfect for the housekeeping, contract cleaners, and motor boat enthusiasts, in fact perfect for any surface requiring a clean streak free finish.

Available types & sizes

40 x 40cm - £4.99 including VAT

90 x 60cm - £10.99 including VAT

90 x 60cm with pockets - £12.99 including VAT

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