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Chemical Gown

Liquid tight apron designed to protect workers from chemicals. Its ergonomics offer an excellent fitting and protection.


  • Cleanroom compatible to class 1
  • Enhanced protection
  • Excellent abrasion, tear and puncture resistance
  • Watertight
  • Closure at back
  • Yellow: Provides better visibility
  • Raw material elongation up to 400%
  • Elasticated wrists
  • Thickness: 100μ
  • Composition: Three-layered yellow polyethylene film
  • Type 3 Protection
  • Available Sizes: M to XXXL

Liquid tight apron designed to protect workers from chemicals. Its ergonomics offer an excellent fitting and protection.

Type 3[PB]; biological High chemical resistance Elongation up to 400% Long & elasticated sleeves

This product is a single use garment. The user can wear this garment in association with other equipments (shoes, gloves, glasses, masks...). Do not use the overalls when there is a defect. When the closing system is faulty, the seams open or any other defects which appear.
The choice and use of personal protective equipment must comply with the European Directive No. 89/656/CEE of 30/11/1989. The employer must have previously analyzed and assessed the risks linked to intervention and to those generated by the use of the personal protective equipment selected.

Life Cycle
Disposable item. To be discarded after use. Do not reuse this item.
Storage Information
-10°C to + 40°C in its original packaging and carton, optimal product use is ensured 3 years after manufacturing.

Care Instructions
To be discarded after use.

The manufacturer is excluded from liability for improper use of the garment.
Wearing and altering: The garment must be used in accordance with the design. Check connections with accessories before use.

Prior to use: Check garment for obvious damage, do not wear if faulty, notably near to any joins or connecting areas.
Ergonomic: The garment is manufactured for the user to clearly identify the application of use.
Test references: EN 340: general requirement. EN 1513 (94): protection against liquid chemical products.

User limits and warning: This garment is for single use applications. Check if the protection level is sufficient. The user can wear this garment with other equipments (shoes, gloves…) but must insure that other equipment does not deteriorate the protection efficiency of this item. Avoid all contact with heat sources (inflammable products).

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