Lint Free Gloves - Protective knitted inner glove

B900 Inner Glove

B900 Inner Gloves

Sold in various quantities

Sizes available: One Size Fits All


Knitted seamless lint free gloves are woven from a single line of filament. The B900 gloves are ideal for delicate and precise operations. The open weave allows for the hands to breathe & remain comfortable all long periods of use. Suitable for many applications, including delicate and precise operations, and are ideal use as an inner barriers glove preventing allergies from wearing latex gloves. The gloves are available in a full or half finger version (B910) and are suitable for operators with allergies.

  •  Continuous Filament Fibre
  • 100% polyester knitted
  • Seamless gloves
  • Made by 15 gauge
  • Suitable to reducing allergic reactions from latex and Vinyl gloves
  • One size fits all - fantastic elasticity


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