Chemical Aprons | Cleanroom & Chemical workwear

Chemical Aprons | Cleanroom & Chemical workwear

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BIB style apron for chemical splash protection. CE category I. Loops over neck with tie strings around the operators back. Cleanroom compatible to Class 100. Body, sleeves and straps are multi-layer polyethylene 300µ thick. Available in white or blue

Application property: CE category I: professional garments, intended to protect against liquid, chemical, product splashes (limited contact times). This garment is designed to protect the front of the operator where covered.


Wearing and altering: 

The garment must be used in accordance with the design. Check connections with accessories before use.
Prior to use: Check garment for obvious damage, do not wear if faulty, notably near to any joins or connecting areas.
Ergonomic: The garment is manufactured for the user to clearly identify the application of use.
Test references: EN 340: general requirement. EN 1513 (94): protection against liquid chemical products.
Washing & De-Contamination: The product is single use only, hence no recommendations.
Storage instructions: Garments should be stored in normal dry storage conditions. Do not store in sunlit position.
Recycling: The garment is made from polyethylene with EVA, this is not a danger for the environment and can be incinerated.

User limits and warning: 

  • This garment is for single use applications. 
  • Check if the protection level is sufficient. 
  • The user can wear this garment with other equipments but must insure that other equipment does not deteriorate the protection efficiency of this item. 
  • Avoid all contact with heat sources (inflammable products). 
  • For more information, contact your distributor. 
  • The manufacturer is excluded from liability for improper use of the garment.
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