This website contains information about Lynbond’s support abilities, stocked items and non-stocked items. We continually update our website allowing our customers the very best and up-to-date information regarding our product availability for purchase and inform of new innovations available on the market today. Lynbond specialists in identifying, sourcing and supplying quality products available from around the world. If you do not see what you require then contact us as invariably equal or better non-branded products together with our consignment stock program you can be assured of the highest level of service. Our product range includes cleanroom consumables and apparel.
We offer the very best custom
made cleanroom furniture
to meet the requirements
up-to class 1 applications,
combined with the ‘Lynbond 2000  cleanroom consultation
service’,  designed to support the customer throughout the process.
In addition, we offer alternative and conveniently purchased standard cleanroom furniture online.
Cleanroom consumables are used by many different industries to prevent and control contamination, reduce particle counts and prevention of bacteria, viruses etc.
Almost every industry has an application for cleanroom consumables, Pharmaceutical & Medical industries, Semi-conductors, Precision Engineering, Optical, Electronics, Print & Food industries all require our products. 
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