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ESD Gloves

Knitted gloves for ESD sensitive operations

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a serious threat to valuable electronic products and equipment, therefore choosing the correct glove is very important. We offer 2 types of knitted gloves for ESD sensitive operations: conductive A100 series range with surface resistivity of 1000 ohms per cm and electrostatic dissipative A600 range with surface resistivity of 1 million ohms per cm

Sectional figure
1: Electrically conductive fibre
2: Urethane coating
3: Knitted glove
*Although usually the urethane coated side has no surface resistivity, the conductive fibres appear on both sides of the urethane layer, providing the same surface resistivity as in the knitted part of the glove.
ESD (Electrostatic discharge)

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These electrostatic discharge gloves protect sensitive equipment from static by dissipating static charges. Recommended for semiconductors, photographic printing or other precise operations and assembly jobs. Surface resistivity of 1 million ohms per cm
Clean & Comfortable seamless construction promotes comfort and reduces hand fatigue. Polyurethane coating adds durability and grip while allowing hands to breathe. Single thread knitting ensures these gloves will produce only minimum lint compared to standard gloves


These gloves can be laundered many times without significant loss of dissipative properties or increase in particle discharge
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL



 The highly effective "THUNDERON" thread used in these conductive gloves provides discharge of electricity by the Corona effect, preventing static from destroying sensitive and expensive parts during assembly of electronics, optics and telecommunications. Also recommended for applications where electrostatic discharge is essential, such as the petrochemical industry. Surface resistivity of 1000 ohms per cm

Clean, Cool & Comfortable
Woven from a single line of filament, which eliminates stray threads, these gloves are ideal for clean room use. Cool and lightweight, these conductive gloves can be laundered several times without loss of antistatic properties. Open weave allows hands to breathe and remain comfortable all day.
Superior Protection
Polyurethane coating protects hands and sensitive equipment, while providing sure grip in delicate operations
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Antistatic Gloves
  • Electronics, Circuit Board Assembly Line, LCD/PDP Handling 
  • Material: Polyester/Carbon fibre/PU Coating/PVC Dot Coated
  • Resistivity: <10E11
  • Size S,M,L & XL



    These gloves are highly conductive, do not expose them to electrical current

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