Espansione Kanebo G5030 Cleanroom Glove

Espansione Kanebo G5030 Cleanroom Glove


These air permeable gloves for cleanrooms are made of Espansione® and prevents fine dust generation


Main Characteristics


1.  Performance – Ability to stretch in all directions.

2.  Flexibility – Very pliable due to polyurethane elastic filaments.

3.  High air permeability Randomly- webbed fine filaments with only the intersections melt-bonded.

4.  Dust catching – Prevents minute dust from penetrating because filaments are tightly webbed.
5.  Dust / Lint free – Closely layered fibres prevent escape of fine dust, continuous filaments are thermally
     melt-bonded to defect particles.

6.  High coefficient of frictions – shows high spillage resistance.

7.  Welding/fuse cutting – using high frequency welder or a heater






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