Class 1 cleanroom garment coverall


'AQUA SUNNY' garments are specially designed to control chemical contamination from the wearer. The photo-deodorant fabric provides an extremely comfortable garment to wear.

Using the photo-deodorant material 'AQUA SUNNY' chemical deodorization" and "photo catalytic reaction (odor decomposition, ultra hydrophilic properties)".

In the nanotechnology field such as semiconductor and liquid crystal factories this is very important to control contamination at the PPb and PPt levels. Suppressing ammonia emitted by the human body.

The 'AQUA SUNNY' range has succeeded in improving product quality, stability and production efficiency in order to improve the next generation clean room environment.

Material: 'AQUA SUNNY'

The photo-deodorant fiber AQUA SUNNY absorbs chemical contamination gases. The photo-catalytic reacts to the absorbed gases and begins the process of detoxification, decomposing the contaminants. The material’s super hydrophilic properties creates a high filtering effect which provides effective high air permeability. 

The high density conductive thread (2.5mm pitch stripe) is woven in and gives it outstanding anti static capabilities. Strong woven fabric construction is an excellent low dust generation and high durability for actual use without the loss of comfort.


Choice of detached class 1 hoods and masks supplied separately  

 Product number  Item  Details  Colour options Sizes
CH1103 Suit  Side zipper
With name-tag holder
Pen holder attached (top and bottom openings)
Waist downflow design
Double sleeve design
Double hem design
CH4017 Hood Hood with adjustable rear belt  M & L
CH4057 Hood Hood with attached mask with adjustable rear belt M & L
G7630 Mask Velcro attached mask   N/A



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