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Cleanroom, Class 100 disposable non-woven face masks are manufactured of ultra-fine polypropylene in class 10 cleanroom by a fully automated process using spun lace method, which ensures high filtration efficiency

(particles of 0.3µm are filtered out).
Exceptional for manufacturing operations of semiconductor, TFT LCD, disks and medical facilities.
Individual & bulk packing are all available.

Double Ply Face Mask are made from 2 layers of spun bonded non-woven / thermally sealed waffle pattern polypropylene (P.P) micro fibres with 1/6 inch center (with no break / hole visible), providing excellent filtration and absorption.
Three Ply Face Mask has 3 layers of folding in vertical direction to cover the mouth, nose and chin. It creates a dome shape when worn. Both inner and outer layer of the masks is made with non-woven fabric. Between these, there is a layer of high efficiency filter which can effectively filter bacteria and particles.

All face mask are hypoallergenic, which prevents irritation and allergy problems to sensitive skins.
A nose piece made of 100% aluminum, is embedded on the upper side of the Double / Three Ply Face Mask ensuring a closer contact.

50 pcs / pack, 60 packs / box 50 pcs / pack, 40 packs / box
2 Ply face masks with ear band 3 Ply face masks with ear band
SIZE 90 x 180mm 90 x 180mm
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